I want to start with a dare. I want to dare you to shed your old skin like a lizard sheds his. The skin that restricts his growth, the old skin that hinders your growth. The skin that carry the marks of the past. The skin that became dull because of bad habits, negativity and mediocracy. The skin who had “cant do it”, “impossible”, “I’m a failure” written all over it. Shed the skin your parents said you will never get rid of “cause that’s the way you were born and because of your background”. Shed it now and focus on persistence, good habits, goals and dreams. Know now that hard work lays ahead.

People who seek to excel have continuous barriers to overcome. People who flow with the crowd are not confronted with barriers. They will always take the path of least resistance. Almost all these people will fall into a pit (the pit that contains the 90% of unsuccessful people). And an interesting fact is that it takes more self-discipline and effort to get out of the pit, than it is to overcome barriers.

If you want things to happen in your life the ability to motivate yourself is crucial.

If I should ask you, where is the air you breathe? You would say, “It’s all around you, you just have to take it and make it part of your life/body”

If you should ask me here is the opportunity to be successful and live with abundance? I would say “It’s all around you, you just have to take it and make it part of your life/body.”

Let us all see your new skin!

Kobus Tosen.