New era at CCL Global Transformation

At CCL Global we constantly strive to improve our organisation and we are very excited to announce that CCL Global is going through a time of positive change in terms of transformation and establishing a more diverse workforce.

With this transformation the organisation will be making a significant contribution to a growing South Africa with its objective to increase and sustain socio-economic stability. This will ensure that all South Africans are given the opportunity to contribute to the growth of our organisation and beloved country.

The period of transformation will also include personal development and growth for our new members joining the organisation. Through this process we endeavour to add value to the organisation and as part of our long term planning we strive to:

  • Implement a Code of good practise

  • Add value to the organisation

  • Grow a successful and sustainable business

  • Adapt to the changing economic climate

Jabulani Mahlangu - transformation

A message from our CEO – Kobus Tosen

“I am very excited that my organisation will add value to the transformation of the South African work force. I am thrilled about the changes and to offer employment opportunities to a more diverse workforce.  I am fully committed to the transformation and working with my colleague and our Business Developer Manager Jabulani Mahlangu in this transformation process.  Together we have strategically planned long and short-term objectives as well as implementation plans.  Jabulani a very warm welcome and I am looking forward to our journey together”.

Jabulani Mahlangu

Introduction to our Business Development Manager

Jabulani Mahlangu is an experienced Manager who has pioneered Business Operations on various State-Owned Enterprise (SOE), SANRAL projects. He has also as an Entrepreneur, founded and managed his own SMME’s for over 10 years.

Jabu has attained a wealth of knowledge upon completing an Information Science Degree and Post-Graduate qualification in Management. This has contributed to his resounding success in applying proven and innovative methods in developing teams and Managers in the various Operations Structures he has developed throughout his career.

“I am thrilled to join such an amazing team and hugely successful international business at this point in my career.  The prospect of contributing to and being a part of a unique company that I am sure will continue to change people’s lives forever, makes me believe that there’s no better place to be. I look forward to creating lifelong memories with the great people of this company while our collaborative hard work transforms a successful company to new and even greater heights. I am grateful to the Director and leadership of the company for this once in a lifetime opportunity to make a lasting impact in your company!” – Jabulani Mahlangu

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