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The proven track record of 32 years that we have adopted has trained up individuals in both theory and practical, to enable them to successfully run their own businesses throughout South Africa and Namibia.

Our criterion is simple. Stringent evaluations are conducted at the start to ensure the potential candidates possess the qualities needed to be successful.

Attitude, determination, discipline and consistency cannot be measured one hundred percent from inception, but the practical side of our training will deal with that.

Unfortunately, as with many companies and sports clubs that enrol individuals, there will always be potential candidates that truly can be successful, but fail.

We all know the quote: Some people succeed because they are destined to and most succeed because they are determined to. We find it very sad to see individuals with extreme potential fail because they are just lazy. They want the high life, but are not willing to put in the short-term sacrifice.

An example of determination is our founder, Mike Russon.  He lives by the words PMA (Positive Mental Attitude).

Due to personal challenges at home, he left school after Std 8 (Grade 10) and completed his military service for two years. Then he joined the bank and at the age of 21 he left the bank (broke) and started the sae training programme on offer today (32 years later). Mr Russon is the most determined individual anyone has ever seen. It’s assumed that what he lacked in education he made up in sheer determination.

In his first month in our industry, he earned double the income he was receiving from the bank, and before his 25thbirthday, he had bought a Porsche Cabriolet (cash), a speedboat and a house in Blauberg. By the age of 30 he had retired. After six months retirement he decided to come back and continue to grow our group of companies.   (Read more on his web site Streetwise-PMA).

You will also read about many others who started from scratch, but with supreme determination and drive, have successfully climbed the ladder all the way to the top, where they have profitably managed offices in the major cities of South Africa, such as Durban,Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town, as well as in Namibia.

What makes us so successful where other companies fail:

Firstly we look at the stats :

85% of companies fail due to bad management 

Our programme is designed to take care of that. It is structured as follows:

Our first objective is to measure the communication skills of our potential candidates. This is achieved on both a practical and theory basis, which is explained in-depth in our final interview stage.

Our second objective is to measure the candidate’s leadership skills as displayed in how he manages staff that we have hired for the specific team leader.

Then we teach more on the internal running of the business. Areas such as IT, internal flow of information, stock controls, ability to hire potential staff etc.

In conclusion, the candidate will have enough knowledge, both theoretically and practically, to manage his own business in partnering with us.

Of course the above are merely broad strokes to achieve a WIN WIN objective, and there are far more details in all aspects- which are fully explained in person to every individual candidate during the final interview stage.

Naturally, there would be further questions one may like to ask , which is why we have our interview process to take care of all that, but let’s highlight the top most common six questions we are asked.

  1. Tell me more about CCL Global.

CCL global is a registered VAT company. The letters CCL are the first letters of our three beautiful children’s names. After all, the hard work and effort we put in is to also provide for our loved ones – wouldn’t you agree?

With over 15 years of personal experience, I am pleased to confirm that we have applied the same programme as above that has enabled individuals to start from the bottom and develop all the way to the top. The programme is structured to promote people on merit and not time, unlike most listed companies out there. In addition, we also understand that a large part of our success is our on-going training in both marketing and management. It’s noted that many organisations will provide   training at the beginning and that’s it – the rest is up to you.

Yes we also provide in-depth training from the start, but we believe what gives us the cutting edge is we will continue to upskill your knowledge in both management and marketing on a daily basis both practically and in theory.

As I said in the beginning – Your Success is our Success .

  1. What is the vision and mission of the company?

We have a programme that has been perfected over a 32 year period. It is designed to eliminate candidates at the start who do not possess the qualities required in order to succeed, but it is mostly designed to develop those that do. I will simply highlight three areas of what we mean by develop:

  1. Your self-confidence will improve tenfold.
  2. You will be financially secure.
  3. You will have the opportunity to develop your leadership skills until you have reached your limit.

We are proud to reflect back in years and reminisce about candidates that started with us broke, had low self-esteem, no direction, but now they are in charge of running their own business, making their own decisions , and financially secure. But they still have our Big Brother support.

  1. As part of your corporate social investment, how important is this to CCL Global as a company?

We have a strong philosophy in giving back to those in need. We have supported many charities financially over the years. But we also believe giving is not just money, but time so we have been actively involved with “Wespoort Voedingskema” in Danville Pretoria, we have been supporting this project since 2016, on a regular basis we deliver food parcels to them and do a lot of charity work with this organisation. Our latest project was over the easter period where we donated around 30 parcels to the kids in the organisation for easter, also took a big easter bunny with to hand out the parcels. Read more about this here.

  1. What sets you apart from your competitors?

Our culture has never been one to follow our competitors and better ourselves on what they do.  Accordingly, we have established and perfected our own strategy in what we need to do in order to succeed. Our structure is copyrighted and protected to eliminate copycats, although I have to admit there are some out there – but they don’t last long.

So I can’t answer the question directly , but what I can comment is that we have had candidates that have joined us from so called competitors and have mentioned what makes us a cut above the rest. There were many examples they highlighted, but I will just list five of them :

1. Our training is the most advanced they have ever seen, which includes theory and the practical side, with the highest success ratio. But on point one the strongest advice our candidates wished to share was as follows:

  • Do not fall into the trap of thinking that because an individual failed in a similar industry then the same will be repeated again with us. We are not them!
  • You will get failure, as in any industry, but our failures are usually not from falling down, but from not having what it takes to get back up. (Which one are you?)
  • Do not fall into the trap of third party people who are merely ignorant and jealous of your new opportunity and who try and negatize you. You obviously want the best advice, but do not underestimate that you are the best person to decide what’s best for you – and not by listening to others. You will agree that most top sportspeople, actors, leaders, etc. have been negatized or discouraged along their journey. The weak fell but the strong rose above that with their self-belief and inner strength and did not to fall prey to that. Sadly so many candidates with talent do.Don’t be a victim – be a victor!

2. Knowledge both in practical and theory is provided on an ongoing basis. So individuals are constantly stimulated and growing at a pace within their ability .

3. The remuneration structure is the fairest and best they have ever seen. The benefits too are very generous.Unlike many other companies, your promotions are on merit, not time. There is no discrimination in regard to race, colour, age, sex, etc. Simply your hard work and working smart is what’s taken into consideration for your promotions, both position wise and financial wise.

4. Lastly, you treated as a person, not a number. Individual praise and recognition is given regularly when due. The head office in Cape Town even sponsors awards for all individuals, regardless of what position they hold.This has included overseas trips, trophies and plaques, etc. So everyone is also having fun while growing as an individual.

  1. Where do you see your company expanding in the next 10 years?

Due to the training programme that has been perfected over the last 32 years, offices have been well established throughout South Africa and Namibia. Examples of such areas are Durban , Pretoria , Cape Town and Windhoek .

It is our vision to continue to expand in these areas, but we have also now been granted the green light to expand abroad.

So we will offer a turnkey operation to the right candidate to operate overseas, but this approval can only be granted by head office, as stringent conditions must be met .

As you can see for yourself, everything is structured towards

Your Success is our Success

You are limited as an individual as to how far you can go if it’s only you. However, having a fully-fledged business to operate is where our truly WIN WIN benefits us most.


  1. What is the work culture at CCL Global?  

Our work ethic / culture here at CCL GLOBAL is one of putting things into boxes.  When it’s time for work, it’s work!  When it’s time for play, it’s play!  When it’s time to do sport, we do sport!  When it’s time to visit our grandparents, it’s time to dedicate our full attention to them!  In other words, when it’s time to do something, we do it to the very best of our ability!  And those people who join our ranks who truthfully feel that they come a bit short in these areas, we have on-going training sessions to help them improve.

  1. What are some of the ways, CCL Global focuses on employee and team development? 

We at CCL GLOBAL believe that we can often spot the winners at a very early stage of their careers with us.  Every day we train, train and train, it is always ongoing.  When people join us they become part of the family and family looks out for each other, helps each other.  There is a lot of negative talking and thinking out on those streets that kind of thinking and behaviour is BANNED here at CCL GLOBAL.  We actually have training classes to get people to act and think in a well-organised, creative and positive manner, it’s easy when you know how.  The old adage  ~  ‘a chain is only as strong as its weakest link’ is forever true, so we want to make sure that every member of our team is strong, positive and competent. In a nutshell, a person can go as far as they want, earn as much as they want and grow as high as they want with us, or any other company for that matter, because at the end of the day it’s basically up to them and their attitudes . . ‘You can take a horse to water but you can’t make him drink’ . . as the old saying goes.

  1. What is unique about your business?

CCL GLOBAL does not discriminate against age, sex, colour, religion, politics or sexual orientation.  We offer an equal opportunity to every single candidate that steps through our doors. Our company is all  about having the RIGHT ATTITUDE and not necessarily having the right skills, unlike a lot of other businesses out there. It’s also the type of business where you start at the bottom and with the right attitude and goal-setting you can work your way up to Director level. You are promoted on merit and not time. In other words, what you put in is what you get out. Under our leadership we have a franchise owner that finished the management and sales training programme within the first 7 months of the 12 month executive training course . The ball is literally in your court as to how long it will take you to get to where you want to be on the ladder of success.  We  believe that our biggest asset is our people.  We will invest as much time, effort and money as is necessary  get you to the top.  Here at CCL GLOBAL there are always excellent awards and incentives to work towards, For example, we ran an incentive in 2015 for our managers, whereby all of them in fact, qualified to go on holiday to Mauritius for 10 days.

  1. A brief description of the MD of CCL Global

I was born in Witbank and matriculated in 1997 at Hoerskool Suid Natal.  In my matric year I was promoted to Deputy Head Boy.  I became 1st team Rugby Captain as well as senior ‘Victor Laudorium’.  On leaving high school I studied Sports Administration and Marketing at Pretoria Technikon. Unfortunately, due to a lack of funds I had to ‘drop out’ of higher learning.  Consequently I had to look for a job in order to support myself.    From the word go, I knew I wanted to be in a business that was highly competitive and on the coalface of capitalism.

In matric I was interviewed by a popular newspaper and one of the questions was  “What do you want to be when you are older?” My immediate answer was “A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSMAN”.

Today i really do indeed see myself as one.  Regarding my personality i would say that i am very competitive, goal -orientated, target- driven, trustworthy and I have a strong passion and love for people.

I have a beautiful family, 3 kids, my oldest daughter is Carli, she is 10 years old, the middle boy Clinton is 8 years old and then my last born, Liam is 4 years old, and they are the lights of my life.

I met my wife through business, and what a blessing that was. We have been together now for over 8 years already which of the 8 we are married for 6 years already, she was definitely sent along my path for only 1 good reason and thats to help me grow my business and make our lives just a much better place.

All in all, I am success-driven. I have had my own business from the age of 21 and have enjoyed every minute of it, no, every second of it.  I look forward to Monday morning as much as I do Friday afternoon.

Visit My Personal Bio Website Here

  1. What are the five words you want to own in the minds of your customers and employees?

Customers – reliable, honest, great service, diverse, customer focus

Employees – passionate, honest, approachable, inspirational, anything is possible,

Meet some of our staff

ccl global employees believe in teamwork

PAUL HONEYFORDArea Distributor
A truly amazing opportunity. I came to this opportunity in my early fifties and my only disappointment is that I did not find it sooner. A real opportunity to own your own business at no financial outlay. All it takes is hard work and a positive attitude. The mentorship and support is second to none, the likes of which I have not found
in any of the numerous companies that I have been involved with both locally and internationally.
JASON BORRUSOJunior Area Distributor
Ek is al 3 jaar by die maatskappy and what an experience! Ek het al so baie geleer en bereik by die company. eks al 3 keer bevorder in die tyd perk en dis vir my iets besonders want ek weet nie van ander maatakappye waar dit gebeur nie. Finansieel was dit absoluut die beste besluit wat ek nog ooit gemaak. Ek kry altyd meer geld as wat ek moet en Daar is altyd n ondersteuning van die maatskappy se kant af.
Net om n paar voorbeelde te gee, ek was al 2 keer oorsee gewees, ek het n nuwe kar gekoop en eks in die proses om vir my n huis te koop.
Daar word 2 keer n jaar funksies gehou om dankie te se vir almal waar Daar 100de duisende rande spandeer word. Cash incentives, trofees, sertifikate vir alles wat jy doen. Word gevlieg Kaap toe, word op getel in n limo en jy slaap in hotelle!
Ek sal altyd dankbaar wees vir die geleentheid want vir die 1ste keer ooit kan ekndinge bereik wat ek nooit van tevore sou bereik nie!
Baie dankie Mr Tosen dis net n voorreg!
In Augustus 2014 het ek vir my dag 1 onderhoud gegaan en is ek deur Kobus Tosen geonderhoud en aangestel. Die maatskappy het my gewaarborg van dag 1 af dat die opleidingsprogram defnitief baie moeilik sou wees, my uit my “comfort zone”sou forseer en dat ek in die begin opofferings, soos my tyd en soms familietyd, sou moes maak… maar hulle het my ook belowe dat as ek deursettingsvermoeë het SAL ek 100% by sukses uitkom! Ek wou deel word van die maatskappy omdat sukses uit elke hoek gestraal het. Ek kon sien dat ek hier uitgedaag sou word, dat Daar ‘n plan met my was en dat die finansiele groei en langtermyn bevordering gewaarborg was by n gevestigde maatskappy.
Vir die eerste keer ooit het ‘n maatskappy alles wat in die onderhoud vir my gese is ook swart op wit vir my gegee is, selfs nog voor ek aangestel is. binne my eerste 7 maande by die maatskappy het ek 3 bevorderings en 3 inkomste verhoogings gekry. (soos dit vir my belowe is met harde werk)
Ek is nou al 2jaar en 7 maande by CCL Global. In Hierdie tyd is Ons (ek en my man) genooi na 2 mid-year seminaars en 3 jaareindfunksies waar Ons 2 af gevlieg is Kaapstad toe vir die naweek. Ons het in die Crystal towers hotel (5 ster) geslaap en is die hele naweek met die maatskappy se Hummer Limo’s vervoer. alle onkostes is deur die maatskappy gedek. By Hierdie funksies het ek erkening en toekennings gekry vir my harde werk en commitment. Ons was behandel soos celebs met opwinding en vermaak om elke draai.
Die hoogtepunt van 2015 was toe Ons MD, Mnr Tosen, Ons met Ons liefies Mauritius toe gevat het vir n week as ‘n Incentive. In mauritius het Ons alles gedoen wat die eiland kon offer en alles was deur die maatksapp betaal.
Afgesien van al die funksies, erkening en incentives sal ek nooit waarde kan heg aan wat ek by die maatskappy geleer is nie!! Ek is geleer om ‘n Sterk, Independent sakevrou te wees en om enigie challenge head-on te face sonder vrees of huiwer!
Die geleentheid het dit vir my moontlik gemaak om vir die laaste jaar my hele gesin en huishouding te onderhou as alleen broodwinner nadat my man “retrenched”is by sy werk. As my mentor, Mnr Tosen en die maatskappy my nie geleer het hoe om op my eie voete te staan, sterk te wees in die taaiste tye en my mindset verander het om te glo in myself en my “abilities”nie sou ek nooit daardie challenge kon oorkom nie.
Hierdie geleenthied is my lewe… my passie… my purpose, want die maarskappy en geleentheid maak dit vir my moontlik om vir my dogtertjie finansiële stabiliteit te gee en om haar toekoms te verseker ten midde van wat aangaan om Ons en in Ons land
Die maatskappy het belowe om my optelei tot n tak bestuurder, wat binne 2 jaar gerealiseer het, maar die maatskappy het my soveel meer geleer oor mense, human nature, sielkunde, besigheids beplanning en bestuur en die belangrikste… wat bereik kan word met positiwiteit en die regte attitude aswat ek ooit in enige kurses of diploma sou kon leer.
In tye wat moedeloosheid en twyfel my wou oorkom het, het my mentors my gehelp met ekstra opleiding en 100% geloof in my, ten alle tye.
Hierdie maatskappy dra elke werknemer se belange op die hart en ek is innig dankbaar vir die geleentheid, vertroue en eerlikheid wat ek nog altyd van die MD, sy staff en die holding company ontvang het.

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