The saying goes “give and then you will receive”, i feel that in my lifetime of being in business, i have worked hard to achieve what i have achieved. And i have gotten where i am today by pure hard work. In the same breath, i like to give back. And why not give to the less fortunate.

Kids are always close to my heart, because I feel that its not that specific child’s fault for being in the financially difficult situation he/she is in. When they as small as the kids i have been helping, you can see the sadness in the hearts through their eyes, and if i can make them happy for just that 1 hour, I’m willing to do it.

In April this year, we went to a pre-primary school in Danville – Pretoria, the same kids/community i have been helping for more than a year now. And we had an Easter egg hand out for them. I specially arranged a friend of mine to dress up like the Easter bunny, just to make it extra special for the kids. We took them some lunch and something to drink and we made up 30 Easter egg hampers that we handed out to each of the kids. The excitement in their faces and the joy they had for that 1 hour, made it worth every cent.

ccl global charity drive 2017 b

I then took the opportunity to speak to the Principal of the school to find out what are their serious needs for the school, in order for the school to function better. I have been emailed a list of necessities and will during the course of this year be sponsoring the necessary items or building materials the school needs.

My other aim this year is to make up another 80 or so food/toiletries parcels for the Danville home again to distribute to them just before Christmas, just like we did last year.

Giving is in my nature, and where ever i can help, i’m more than willing to do.

ccl global charity drive 2017